Burned Alive While Breastfeeding in India

I am filled. Filled with pain, rage, and frustration. And feeling so utterly powerless to do anything.

Help me change that.

I cannot stop my tears, and I won’t. There is a mother to cry for, and an innocent baby girl, both of whom lost their lives because of their gender.

The husband and his family set them on fire, waited until they were burned, and then moved them while the mother was still alive and left her to suffer all night before death brought relief. This horrific, cold-blooded act was over a dowry.

They suffered and died because they were female.

Help me change that.

I ask you: is this the world we want? A world where women are considered a liability? Or only useful for our bodies? Whether it’s using the female body to sell a product, constantly undervaluing girls, or making us gestate a fetus against our will, there most definitely is a global war on women. And it’s especially heinous in India.

According this article:

A woman is killed over dowry ‘every hour’ in India, according to the data released by the country’s National Crime Records Bureau.

‘8,233 young women, many of them new brides, were killed in so-called ‘dowry deaths’ in 2012,’ the report said last year.

Domestic violence largely motivated by dowry demands is very common in the area, but killing of Ms Devi along with her baby girl has shocked the locals.

It is encouraging to hear that this tragedy has “shocked the locals,” but what is that going to change?

I have another idea.

The U.S. is so powerful, right? Can you imagine how much more powerful we’d be if we had a female majority in our government? Because most men read a story like this and feel momentary sadness. (I said most; I know there are men with a greater breadth of feeling, and I’m doing my damndest to find them as well.)

But most women, especially mothers, will read about this mother and child and feel oceans of grief. And anger. And a desperate urge to make this not ever happen again. And all of those things that compelled me to sit down and write to implore anyone feeling what I’m feeling:

Please help me.

How, you ask?

We will find the women. The mothers, the daughters, the sisters, the wives that want so desperately to make a difference in their families. To better themselves and their communities, our country, and this f*cked up world. We will ask them to vote, to tweet, to read, to run for local government, run for Congress. Like Rock The Vote, Emily’s List, (but open to all parties), and a little bit of Moms Who Drink and Swear thrown in to represent us more accurately.

We need to get involved.

We are going to make this world better.

We will make this world better.

Please say you’ll help me.

Tell your stories. Trust each other. Vote with passion. Vote with conviction. Vote with knowledge. Just find the women you trust and vote for them.

And if you have ideas to repair this world, please talk to me. Comment here or write me directly.

I very much look forward to talking with you all. Let’s make America the country that becomes known as the center of humanitarianism. Let’s become a people that the world looks at with trust, respect and gratitude.

Let’s repair the world.