One nation under Goddess: Why I can’t worship a man

I love my husband, my son, my father, all the men in my life. But I can’t deify them.

Yet isn’t that what we do every day? 

I have some very close gentile friends who are devout Christians and wonderful people. And it irks me to no end when they talk about “His will for me.” Why not G-d’s will? Or the Creator’s will? Because as long as “He” continues to permeate our mainstream vernacular, we will not be equal. 

A patriarchy wrote a holy book to solidify the institution. The Bible has done a bang-up job of perpetuating it. How can we be equal when male = godliness and female = helpmate?

One of my dearest friends once told me about a program at her preteen daughter’s school called The Brotherhood. I expressed concern that the girls might feel left out. She assured me that “brotherhood” didn’t really mean only boys, that people consider it gender neutral. 

Really? Which people? I’m betting they are male. And even if girls don’t consciously feel excluded, the subconscious effect of brotherhood as gender neutral could have a long-lasting impact on girls’ confidence and feminine pride.

But “he” is just a generic pronoun, some say. 

No, it’s not. No more than “she” is generic to men. 

When I say goddess, there comes the eye rolling and pronunciations of Wicca and dancing around a fire. But G-d is fine. The difference? Gender. 

But G-d has no gender, you say. 

My point exactly. Let’s go on the assumption that we had, whether still around or not, a creator. And let’s say we call that creator G-d. If G-d has no gender, then why does it matter what pronoun we use? Why can’t I say Goddess and have Her revered in the same way?

When half the world’s population is excluded from godliness, what can we do? It’s an uphill battle. 

When it comes to religious ramblings, all I can offer as credentials are my Hebraic studies minor (I’m a super Jew!) and an upbringing in a predominantly Jewish community. I’m lucky to be part of a religion that encourages discussion and dissection.

Until we really delve into the maleness of G-d, I don’t know how far we can get within a patriarchy that is literally worshipped. 

But I’m sure as hell going to try.