A Victoria’s Secret employee wouldn’t let a mom breastfeed. But that’s not the problem.

There is a lot of uproar about this story in which a Victoria’s Secret employee refused a customer’s request to breastfeed her baby in the store. Yes, it’s ridiculous that this employee said to go nurse in an alley. Yes, it’s unfortunate for Victoria’s Secret that they apparently didn’t train all their employees on breastfeeding policies very well.

But they’re not the problem; that mom is.

Let me clarify; that she felt she had to ask permission to feed her child is an indictment of our society. The most basic right of a newborn is to be fed when she is hungry. Would she have asked permission to give that baby a bottle? Probably not. But because she is a breastfeeding mother, she had to make sure the people around her were ok with it. Why should that matter in the face of a child’s hunger? Why should we make this tiny, vulnerable infant wait and suffer because someone doesn’t want to think about a nipple in a baby’s mouth?

I’m going to bang my drum again here. An individual’s comfort level should not ever come before that baby’s right to eat. It is time for this country to get its priorities unf*cked when it comes to families and mothers. Once we start putting the next generation, and therefore our future, higher on our list, we can really start to evolve.

So for those moms already breastfeeding anywhere and everywhere because that’s what your baby needs, thank you for helping us on the path to renormalizing breastfeeding. And for those mamas still feeling a little unsure about the whole thing, just go for it. We’ve got your back. Don’t ask someone if it’s ok. You know it’s ok. And if you still feel unsure, message me. I’m glued to my phone and I love requests for support. Seriously. So please feed your child and don’t make her wait because of a stranger. Your baby and your full boobs will thank you for it.

Love and purple,