Ten More Signs Your Spouse is Deployed

Welcome to the second installment! Here are ten more signs your spouse is deployed. If you missed the first installment, check it out here.

11. You secretly love it when your kids sneak into the bed for some snuggling. For the non-snugglers, you rediscover the middle of the bed and dread giving it up.
12. You rinse and reuse your kids’ plates for meals and use paper towels for your plate.
13. You bribe your kids even more. Especially if it means a nap. For any or all of you.
14. You have more company in the shower than usual.
15. Your wine purchases double. Again.
16. The “no TV during meals” rule becomes “…oh whatever.”
17. After the kids go to bed, you have pizza rolls and potato chips for dinner. Or sometimes just the potato chips.
18. Somehow the volume of laundry increases.
19. You go to bed with a dirty kitchen because you just can’t stay vertical once the kids are down.
20. The kitchen has never been cleaner. Within 10 minutes of dinner.

I welcome your additions and thoughts, whether you’re military or not. I know many civilian spouses travel for long periods, and y’all know what it’s like too. Know that you’re appreciated by one who’s living it now. So please share!

2 thoughts on “Ten More Signs Your Spouse is Deployed”

  1. Once again, you nailed it! I go from running the dishwasher every other day, to maybe once a week. Cornflakes for dinner? Sure, OK! We live like a couple of frat boys when DH is out of town.

    Kiddo hates it when DH comes back, because that means she has to sleep in HER room again!

    1. Frat boys, ha! Exactly. I try so hard to keep the structure, but boy it’s tough sometimes. Gotta love caffeine, right? Oh, that’s another one for the next list! Thanks for reading and commenting.

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