Ten Signs Your Spouse Is Deployed

1. Your wine purchases have doubled.
2. The kids want pizza again? Sure.
3. Your fantasies involve the bath and the bed, for bathing and sleeping. And that’s it.
4. Every American flag makes you a bit weepy.
5. When your kid’s playdate is leaving at 4, you desperately ask the parent if they want to stay for dinner. And then maybe a sleepover.
6. You consider joining a single parent support group. (Especially if your spouse is an IA or you’re not in a spouses club.)
7. Suddenly your Reserve weekends seem a lot more fun.
8. You stay at Chick-Fil-A for three hours. Or more. And you don’t always eat.
9. You go to bed at least two hours later than usual. And stay up too late watching TV. Probably Law and Order. But SVU or original, not Criminal Intent.
10. When laundry piles up, you just buy more underwear.

If you were reading this and nodding vigorously, please know that you’re appreciated. And feel free to contribute your own. I welcome your additions!

Have a wonderful day, and give yourself a hug – you deserve it!

8 thoughts on “Ten Signs Your Spouse Is Deployed”

  1. I was born right before my dad was deployed to Vietnam. By the time he came home I was walking and starting to talk. I always thought my mom was amazing for this, she was only 19.

    My husband is a British citizen, and although he has his green card now, he is having a hard time finding work here. Right now, he still has to travel to London to work at his old job, which means that he’s gone for months at a time. I found myself agreeing with almost everything you said, especially the pizza, because that’s what’s on the menu tonight! My daughter and I eat like frat boys while Aryeh’s gone. I also feel like a single mom. If it weren’t for the ring on my finger and the tichel/sheitel on my head, I feel like I wouldn’t know the difference.

    G-d bless you for being a supportive military wife! 😀

  2. The staying up way too late is strange, but true. And at our house we’d replace pizza with breakfast for dinner, or as we like to call it “brinner”. And what’s a spouses group? 😉

  3. My husband isn’t deployed but when he’s away on his business trips, your list looks like it could be my “To do” list! All so true, especially the part about staying up way too late watching whatever on TV, or organizing the office, or baking muffins… You get the idea…

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